Secret Sahara reveals fairytale formations and ancient lakes

 作者:广绀     |      日期:2019-03-08 08:04:03
By Sandrine Ceurstemont You might not expect to see crocodiles, baboons or giant mazes made of rock in the middle of the Sahara desert. But the little-explored Ennedi plateau in north-east Chad is home to unique geological features and ancient lakes, remnants of the region’s wet period, which ended 4000 years ago. Last October, Stefan Kröpelin at the University of Cologne in Germany and his Chadian research partner Baba Mallaye travelled to the remote region with a small team to take samples at many sites for the first time. Kröpelin is also proposing the area should become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a decision that will be made at the committee’s annual meeting in Istanbul next June. These photos document some of the region’s curiosities.   More on these topics: