Top blogs from 2008

 作者:牧贻婶     |      日期:2019-03-02 04:01:02
From a nano-sized Barack Obama, to calls for a ‘Gaian dictator’ to save the world, the blogs have been buzzing this year – here we round up a few of our favourites Should we clone a Neanderchimp? Do we need a ‘Gaian dictator’ to save the world? Nine bizarre behaviours from the animal world How the Virgin Mary eased the pain Physicist Max Tegmark and ‘Anakin Skywalker’ discuss teleportation Calm down everyone – the LHC doesn’t mean the end of the world Are we living in a giant cosmic void? Images from the Phoenix Mars lander contained a few surprises What happens if you throw a boomerang in space? Pentagon requests robots that can hunt down humans in packs Meet soon-to-be president Obama – at a scale never before seen Ever wondered what happens to deleted Wikipedia articles?